Can I Buy The Ordinary Peeling Solution in Australia?

Skincare is an essential topic for both genders, most notably during extreme climates of the year. There are multiple skin types, and they vary based on the region of residence, routine, physical well-being, and so on. For instance, tanned skin is common in seaside areas while a pink-skin is regular with colder climatic conditions. Understanding the type of skin one has is necessary to understand before applying any product. Instead, one must treat their skin as a holy temple.

Most skin products are ridden with chemicals nowadays. Same is the case with most peeling solution compositions. In Australia, Peeling solution is banned because of the high concentration of glycolic acid. According to dermatologists, glycolic acid makes the skin extremely sensitive to the sun. Also, anything high in UV concentration is banned due to its adverse effect on the human skin as well as the atmosphere itself.

These products use a high concentration of free acids that are mostly unregulated and can negatively impact the skin. The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% is not available in major countries like Canada too. However, there are some alternate solutions to these products, which you can buy from sites like For instance, a similar product is available on their site to purchase. The product offers deeper exfoliation and a lesser impact of glycols on the skin. It reduces the average 32% AHA concentration to 30% that is somehow a significant change. However, the labels on the product suggest that cleansing your face after and before application of the product is necessary. It also states that healthcare benefits may be scrapped in medical claims if the wrong methodology is followed during application.

The peeling solution must be used at least twice a week to maintain peel regularity. Most importantly, this must not be used on wet skin. After washing the face for at least 5 mins, you must wait for it to dry and then apply the product. Just in case this is not followed, the chemical can superpose with water and corrode the skin. You may not notice it during the first application, but skin burns may start emerging after a few. If you have sensitive skin, think twice before applying the product or refer to a dermatologist for clinical advice.

The Ordinary peeling solution must not be left on the skin for more than ten minutes. Also, after removal of the chemical, wash your face vigorously. Since the skin becomes sensitive to UV rays after a peeling process, apply a sunscreen that suits you well. Use a lesser concentration of sunscreen but spread it evenly across the skin where the chemical was applied. People prefer staying indoors for the day after the peeling process. Still, sunscreen will also help you significantly reduce the effect of UV rays coming in contact with glycolic acid on the skin.

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