The Ordinary Skincare Routine For Every Skin Type

There are so many we have to take care of and while doing so we forget to take care of simple but important things like our skin. With the pollution levels rising everywhere and a hardworking lifestyle which demands so much, the skin can get very affected. But the best thing is that taking care of your skin is very easy. You just have to be regular about it.

Now that we are talking about skincare, we also must understand that skins are of different types and every different type of skin demands a different type of care. Wrong care for the wrong type of skin can end your skin up in a bad place. It might sound scary and hard to do but ‘The Ordinary’ is here to make all skincare easy for you.

Read below to know more about the skincare you should follow according to your skin and a list of ‘The Ordinary’ skincare products to help you throughout. Sit back, relax as I show you the Ordinary Skincare routine.


If you have not so dry and not so oily skin you have a normal skin type. These are a bit easier to take care of but still very important that you should take of them.

Morning Routine

  1. Wash your face with cold water the first thing in the morning to freshen yourself up and get rid of the dirt.
  2. Use a cleanser to clear up any remaining dirt on your face. Use cotton to dab the toner on your face and apply it evenly over your skin.
  3. Use a Toner next. A toner makes sure that you have the perfect PH balance and removes any excess oil from your skin.
  4. Apply the serum next. A Serum makes sure that the skin gets all kinds of nutrition and helps keep it supple and healthy. Apply a few drops of serum to each side of your cheek and gently massage it all over your face. The ordinary provides you with a set of skincare serums and toners to help you aid your skincare.
  5. Apply Moisturizers. Moisturizing is extremely important. It hydrates your skin and saves it from the rays of the sun. It is important to keep moisturizing to keep your skin from getting dry. Apply a few blobs of moisturizer on your skin and neck and massage well.
  6. Apply Sun Screen. Moisturizers do prevent your skin from getting damaged from the sun to some extent but it is vital to use sunscreen. UV rays are extremely bad for your skin and can sometimes cause irreversible damage. Take a few blobs of sunscreen with a high SPF and apply it over your face, neck and hands.

Night Routine

  1. Remove your makeup, the first thing when you get into your skincare routine. Makeup can harm your skin if left for too long. Use Micellar water to get rid of the makeup for the day.
  2. Use a toner. Use a Toner to balance your PH levels. Cause you know, it is very important.
  3. Apply the Serum to get healthy, supple, nutrient-rich skin.
  4. Apply Moisturizers. You are back from a hard day of work and your skin is tired too. A moisturizer would help replenish all glow it had lost.
  5. Its time to apply some eye cream now. The eyes are the thinnest of skins and are prone to wrinkle and get affected easily. Eye Creams help getting rid of this issue and when applied it at night, it will work overnight and help in getting the eye area healthy.
  6. Apply a face mask or a sheet mask so that your skin absorbs all the nutrients and gets hydrated and ready for the next day.
  7. Don’t forget to have a good night’s sleep for that is the best care for your skin.


If your skin gets easily itchy, your lips start chapping easily or if you get white lines if you rake your nail on your skin, you have the dry skin. The skincare around dry skin revolves around keeping the skin hydrated.

Morning Routine

  1. Choose a face wash that won’t dry out skin for your morning face wash. Using water-based cleansers help a lot as detergents are prone to drying skin out.
  2. Use a lotion to keep your skin hydrated and fresh and filled with moisture.
  3. Use a toner next to make sure that that you have the right PH balance. The wrong PH balance will turn your skin dry again. Using Hyaluronic acid alleviates dry skin.
  4. Use a serum to make sure that you are giving the skin all the nutrients that it deserves. Highly antioxidant serum with Vitamins E and C would be perfect as it prevents collagen breakdown. Use this vitamin C Ordinary Serum for best results.
  5. Apply a moisturizer. Moisturizer is your best friend. Make sure you keep that moisturizer with you at all times and apply it if you think you need it.
  6. Sun protection is needed for all skin types so make sure you are applying that no matter what.

Night Routine

  1. While using a facewash make sure to use a chemical-based one that dissolves the dead skin cells. Often using a face scrub on dry skin turns painful as the sharp edges dig the dead and chapping skin out.
  2. Use a Night Toner to make sure you get that PH into check after a whole day’s damage that might have been caused.
  3. Use a nightly serum to work on the layers of the skin and repair it while you sleep.
  4. Use a hydrating moisturizer to make sure your skin doesn’t start drying out in the night and you wake up with a sweet, hydrated, healthy skin.
  5. Every week use a hydrating serum face mask to give your skin that extra care that it needs.


Oily skin has higher oil glands and that often leads to breakouts and acne. Our goal is to keep the oil generation in check by keeping the skin lightly hydrated so that the balance of oil and water is maintained.

Morning Routine

  1. Use gel-based Cleanser to clean your face every morning. The idea behind it is to keep your skin hydrated but not to dry it out by using too many facewashes. Keep washing your face multiple times during the day to keep the oil away.
  2. Use an alcohol-free toner so that your skin doesn’t dry out and use a toner that has geranium as it cuts oil.
  3. Use a serum to give your skin the boost it needs. You are already using selective products for your skin so to make sure it doesn’t miss out on any vital nutrients, use serums well.
  4. Use an oil-free moisturizer to keep your skin well and hydrated. You can use these cleanser-serum-moisturizer set from the Ordinary to get the healthy skin you love.
  5. Use a sunscreen with zinc oxide. This helps your skin better than other sunscreens cause let us be honest the normal ones are just too troublesome for us oily-skinned people.

Night Routine

  1. Again use the gel-based cleanser to clean your face to keep your skin hydrated and balanced.
  2. Use the toner to maintain the PH balance of your skin.
  3. Use the Oil-Free moisturizer to repair and replenish your skin during the night as you sleep.
  4. Use the Ordinary retinol serum for better results and use this serum only at night so that when you sleep it gets time to work wonders.
  5. Use Eye cream on your eyes to give them that extra care that they deserve.

(The night routine is pretty much the same as the morning one but its highly important that you follow it.)


If your skin is dry in some areas and oily in some areas then you have the combination skin. It could seem tricky to take care of such skin but it is easy you know what products to use.

Morning Routine

  1. Use a cleansing Gel. That doesn’t dry out your skin and isn’t made up of oil to make your skin oily.
  2. Use a witch hazel toner that gives you the right PH and right nutrients to keep your skin in balance and keeps it healthy as well.
  3. Use an AHA/BHA serum on your face. A few drops and a gentle massage is enough to get your ready for the day.
  4. A lightweight moisturizer would be the best for your skin so that you are hydrated and feel free and amazing the whole day. Like this one here.
  5. Zinc Oxide Sunscreens are great for combination skin types.

Night Routine

  1. Use the cleansing gel again to make sure your skin is getting all things healthy twice.
  2. Use a retinol toner at night to give your skin that extra boost it needs to repair, replenish and boost itself.
  3. Use the lightweight moisturizer to keep your skin under check throughout the night

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